Writing Your Goals Down

Do write your goals down everyday?

goalsI make it a point to write my goals down everyday.  I talked about the fact that you must do affirmations daily in my last post.  Affirmations are amazing.  Setting your goals on paper is a great addition to your daily rituals. 

One thing that I’ve learned is that writing your goals down really primes your mind for working hard. 

Writing down your goals is like having a map imprinted in your mind.  Knowing that you will achieve a certain goal is key.  I write my goals out every morning.  Some days my goals are like this:

I make 10,000 a month.

My everyday car is a lambroghini

I’ve got a house on the lake

Other days bigger goals just happen to float onto my page.

I spoke at a College Graduation

I’ve got a foundation that helps kids around the world

I donated 10,000 this year to charity

When you’re able to tap into the part of your mind that deals with manifesting your reality you’ll start to notice that underneath your superficial goals that there are huge goals that you had no idea ever existed.  I thought to myself, wow – that’s a good goal when I found “I spoke at a College Graduation” on the page in front of me.

Here’s a quick video about Grant Cardone talking about the importance of goal writing.

Rules for Effective Goal Writing:

  1. Past-Tense – always used the past tense when writing your goals.  It makes your mind believe that you’ve already done it.  (that’s where the power lies)
  2. Think BIG – no shitty goals.  No “SMART” goal.  HUGE Goals only.  10X Goals only!
  3. Be Honest – I want a nice car and that’s OK.  Part of being rich is getting nice things for yourself.  Your goals shouldn’t always be about helping other people.

Start Writing!!!

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