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Is there is such a thing?


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Work / Life Balance is always a interesting discussion when it comes to the entrepreneurial world.  As Eric Thomas talked about in my previous post… you’ve got to want it BAD.

In my career I’ve tried the work all the time setup.  I worked literally 100+ hours a week.  Non-stop working was my motto.  The problem with that was burn out.  I would lose my energy and lose my focus.

I found that I wasn’t working smart.  I was busy, but not busy getting the important shit done.  Nowadays things are much different.  I focus on my one thing for 4 hours everyday.  I also make time for my loved ones because I need that energy.

After a great weekend with my loved ones I feel energized.  That energy helps me be more productive in my day the next day.  I still work Sundays.  Most people take that day off, but I need to work Sundays because that’s the day that I can double down and get ahead.  I still work august.  Most people are going on vacations in August.  I only go on vacations that I can work at.

In order for my vacation to be stress-free I need to have 4 hours to focus each morning.  Most mornings I get up at 6am and work till roughly 10:30am.  From there I can truly enjoy myself.

Remember your energy systems and keep them full at all times to avoid burn out and improve productivity:

  • Physical Energy – Eat right & get 8 hours of sleep
  • Emotional Energy – Spend time with loved ones
  • Business Energy – Focusing on the 1 thing that if you do it.. nothing else matters
  • Spiritual Energy – Affirmations, self-talk, and journalism

We’ll be dissecting each of those energy systems in later posts.  Make sure you favorite our website for easy access.

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